How do I create items in several languages?

Opening your site in another language/country needs to be considered almost like creating a new site (about 80% of the work you've done needs to be replicated).

To create a multi-lingual catalog, you have to duplicate your product files in order to translate the descriptions in the desired language and to specify the display language via the "Language and Visibility" tab.

 Stock Management

To duplicate an item, click View Properties, then Duplicate.
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When you duplicate a product to propose it in another language, you are going to choose the following mode: "LINKED Duplication - For Multi-Lingual Sites ".

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If the product is a Parent Item, the linked mode will be labeled "LINKED Duplication - For Multi-Lingual Sites".

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This duplication mode allows you to synchronize the stock level of linked products. All stock modifications will be passed on to the linked products, whether the modification is the result of an order, a product update or a batch processing procedure.

Warning: Then linking mode can only be chosen when the product is duplicated.

The following help topic will give you more information about duplicating Parents in linked mode: Duplicating Options

 Translating Parents and Options

When a Parent is duplicated in linked mode, the fields relating to language are never copied to the linked products (See help topic: Duplicating Options). Only a batch processing procedure can overwrite the description.

Warning: By default, the language definition of created items is "Display in all languages". Once translated, make sure you specify the display language for each item via the "Language and Visibility" tab in both Parents.

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 Translating Option Types

The names of the different Options are separate from the product's properties and must be translated in the [Commerce/Option Types] menu.

You can find more information about this step in the following help topic: Option Types

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