Optimising Smartskin 12/2010 menus

 Editing Different Menu Element Types

The Menu Editor lets you to create five types of menu items: Texts, Titles, Images, Spaces and Separators.

Actinic also offers the Smartskins design tool for customizing each of these types of items. Obviously, when modifying these settings, you'll only be able to visualize their effect on the types of elements you used in your menus.

 Working with the "Associated CSS Class" Field

Menu items have an Associated CSS Class field which lets you to apply specific formatting for certain menu items.

The Smartskin 12/2010's CSS provides predefined classes that you can use in your menu items:
  • auto

    Intended for Image type elements, this class automaticlly adjusts the image to the menu width (vertical menu) or height (horizontal menu).

    Rather than using the checkbox in the Smartskin editor which applies adjustment to all images, by using the .auto class, you can individually adjust only certain image elements.

  • menuright

    Can be applied to all types of menu elements (not sub-menus) . It lets you to change the orientation of a horizontal sub menu. Very convenient for the last element in line so that the submenu doesn't overflow outside the site's page limits.

    natural behavior of the menu item menu item using the menuright class

  • menuup

    The principle is identical to menuright but here applied to an element of the vertical menu so that the submenu associated with it displays upwards and doesn't overflow into the footer.

  • secondrow

    When many menu items are present in the horizontal menu, it can overflow into a second line.

    However, if the menu items in the first row have sub menus, they will display "underneath" the menu items in the second row. By defining this class for all menu elements (not the sub-menus) displayed on the second line, you will ensure that the sub menu items of the first line are accessible.

    Similarly, you can also use thirdrow and fourthrow if you need to build a horizontal menu with 3 or 4 lines.
These class names should be placed unchanged in the necessary elements settings. They may be combined if necessary.


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