Why does the DataPlug import more lines than the number of items in my Excel file?

Why does my report after importing items to the DataPlug include empty lines?

This discrepancy between the number of items imported and the display comes from the fact that if there was content in those rows, and the content was simply erased, the "blank content" in the Excel file is still registered by the DataPlug. You need to entirely delete the empty lines in your Excel file and not simply their content before importing.

For example, say you added 10 rows of data to the Excel file. Later you decide to remove the last row of data. If you just clear the line by using the delete button on the keyboard, you will see 10 imported items (9 plus an empty line) when importing. To avoid this, delete the entire line by clicking on the line number to the left of the row in the worksheet and using the right click context menu to delete.

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