How do I configure my image output format in DataPlug?

The image output format can be configured in the [Tools > Settings > Output Settings] menu.

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In this window, you can define the minimum and maximum quality for your images as well as the maximum file size.

The DataPlug will create your additional images by adding a suffix to the image name. By default, the suffix field is configured to add x800 after the zoom image name, x300 after the main image name and x100 after the thumbnail image name. For example, a thumbnail image named "yourimage.jpg" will be renamed as "yourimagex100.jpg". This field can be modified.


If high quality images are very important to you and your activity, a quality of 70% is recommended.
If you would like to save some disk space, 40% image quality offers a good quality/size ratio. However, make sure to test this ratio by previewing the final result.
 Converting the Image File Format

DataPlug can convert BMP, PNG and GIF image files to JPG. By clicking on the "Selection" field and choosing "Advanced settings" the program offers to convert the different image types to JPG.

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You can then set a quality level for the output file:

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