How to Offer Free Shipping According to Order Amount and Weight

There is no simple solution for offering carriage fees taking into account the weight AND the amount of the order.

The solution is to create several shipping options using a calculation formula based on the amount of the order with a validity on the weight.

You can define a shipping option's validity according to the weight of the order. You do this by clicking on
Commerce > Shipping Options > Edit Properties >"Validity" tab / Order Weight tab

Example Settings:

1) Start by creating a first shipping option using tiers based on order price. The following example offers free carriage for orders exceeding £100 VAT incl.

From 0 < Order amount <= 99 shipping equals £5
From Tiers 1 < Order amount <= 1000000 shipping equals £0.

Next, click on the "Validity > Order weight" tabs and define a first range of weights (example: valid from 0 to 500g).

The shipping price for a package between 0 and 500g is therefore £5.

2) Next, duplicate your first shipping option (Commerce > Shipping Options > View Properties > [Duplicate] button.)

All you have to do now is change the weight validity. (Ex. Valid from 500g to 2000g) and change the £5 price.

You should duplicate your shipping options as many times as you have weight ranges. This way, the system will display the shipping option based on the order amount, that corresponds to the weight validity you defined beforehand. Free carriage will be applied to all orders over £99.

Shipping Option Calculator

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