How to set up the e-commerce feature of Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is a free but powerful tool for analysing websites. It lets you do a detailed statistical study of your website's activity and audience. These statistics can provide leads to explore for SEO, marketing, etc. Using Google Analytics can help you increase your traffic and raise sales.

Google Analytics has an "e-commerce" feature that, once activated, can help to follow sales made on your site and cross check referrals, click paths and buying behaviour.

  • 1st case: You are not yet a Google Analytics user.

    To use Google Analytics, you must have a Google account. Open one by following this link:

    That taken care of, go to the Google Analytics Page:

    On your first visit to Analytics, the program will give you a script that you won't directly use, but in which you'll find your user ID, which will be in the following format: UA-xxxxxxx-x.

  • 2nd Case: You already use Google Analytics

    If you have already inserted an Analytics script on your site, we advise you to keep the same user ID, in the UA-xxxxxxx-x format and delete the previously installed script.

To implement the Google Analytics e-commerce feature:

1) Configuring Analytics for the e-commerce function (new interface):

- Click on [Admin] on the right side of the main menu.

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- Click on the Profile Settings tab.

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- Activate the e-commerce function and set the currency to Pounds Sterling.

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2) Remember: You must delete old Google Analytics scripts in the insertion points of your site. Go to the [Site \ Properties by Language] menu, click on the [Modify] button and delete the old Google Analytics scripts you may have inserted in the past.

3) Add the following script at the BEGINNING of the <BODY> block on the same page:

Attention :

- Replace UA-xxxxxxx-x by your Google user ID
- If other scripts are present in this area, place the following script above them in first place.


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