Data Center Migration - 30 July 2011

New Data Center - Check Your Domain Name Configuration

As previously announced, we are moving our servers to a new data center which means that we are required to change our IP addresses. As a consequence, you may have to make some changes to your domain name settings for your site to be accessible the day after the migration.

Am I concerned?
Your domain names need to "point" to Actinic's new IP addresses the evening of the migration.

If your domain name is configured to query our DNS servers, you will not have to do anything, as our DNS servers will be up to date.
If you have a domain name with an external provider and it is redirected with an IP address to our servers (DNS or Web), your call will not be answered if you continue to "point" to our old address.

What is an IP address?
IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are the basis of network communication. They provide a unique identification number for every device or service on the Internet.
IP addresses are made up of four groups of numbers between 0 and 255 (e.g.

What is a DNS?
Online shopping would never have come about if users had to input IP packets each time they wanted to surf on Internet (,, etc.).
Too complicated to use, these IPs are kept in a directory called a DNS (Domain Name System) which then sends the IPs corresponding to your request, e.g.: "", "", etc.

Example: The DNS currently converts into

What do I have to do?
To see if you need to do anything the day after the migration, click on the following link and replace with your domain name (your site's address without www):

  • If the NsLookup records display the following data, you don't need to do anything:

If other data is displayed, you will need to take action. Read the following instructions carefully.

There are two possibilities:

1. You have configured the Actinic DNS using our IP addresses
2. Only your Web traffic is sent to Actinic's platform

Possibility 1:
If the DNS are given as 209.143.139.XXX, please modify them as follows:
DNS 1:

With this configuration, the IP addresses will not have to be changed during the migration.
There will be no interruption if you carry out this modification now.

Possibility 2:
You have a type A www. record with an IP address starting with 209.143.139...
You must delete this record.

You must then create a CNAME record called www. and send it to
If your provider asks you to give an IP address, please contact Actinic technical support.

How do I set up a Webfarm connection?

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