How do I create a category and link it to a product?

In your back-office, go to the [Commerce] menu and then select "Categories".

Select [Add a Category to the Root]

Give it a Name and Description (For example Boots) and click on the [Save] button.

You will now be able to see the category you have just created (e.g. Boots) in the list.

To link to a product to this category, go to the [Commerce] menu > Then select [Items].

Select the "Edit Properties" on the item.

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Now select the "Categories" tab and then click the ellipsis (three dots) for Category 1.

This will open up a popup, in which you then select the category you have created.

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Click [OK] to confirm your selection and then [Save] on the Item Properties page.

You can now see the item has been linked to this category.


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