How do I create a WebBlock for my homepage?

In your admin console, go to the Galleries menu and then select WebBlocks.

Select Add

Click on 1 - Home Page for the homepage WebBlock templates.

Select the template you wish to use for this WebBlock (For example Home - Text and Products).

Click image to zoom.

Replace the stock information and images with your own by clicking on either the text or an image - You can view changes by selecting Display Mode.

Once all the changes have been made click Save.

If you want the WebBlock to display with shortcut blocks click Modify.

Under Layout select Display in data area WITH shortcut blocks from the drop down box.

Click Save.

And then select Back to return to the list of WebBlocks.

You have now created a WebBlock with shortcut blocks which you can display as your home page.

To apply this WebBlock to your homepage, refer to the following help topic:
How do I set a WebBlock as my home page?

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