How do I disable VAT for my store?

If you are a non-VAT registered business and want to disable VAT for your online store, the following 4 steps must be performed:

  1. Display prices in your catalog "including VAT". This can be defined in the menu:
    Commerce > Shopping Cart > Component Properties tab > Taxes and Price Display section

  2. Set the VAT rate for your items to zero.

    - You can do this in each item file:
    Commerce > Items > Edit Properties icon > General tab > Main sub-tab > VAT Rate

    - Or for your entire store with one batch processing operation:
    Commerce > Items > Batch processing of ALL ITEMS IN YOUR SITE option > Batch Processing button

    Action: Modify the [VAT Rate] field

  3. Set a tax rate of 0% in your shipping options and include the tax in the price of the shipping option.

  4. Disable VAT display on invoices:
    Commerce > Order Tracking > Invoice Properties button > check Disable VAT display under the General tab > Main sub-tab


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