What are the prerequisites for Google Shopping data feeds?

 Items order
A new page is available for the Google Shopping properties. It will allow to link the Actinic categories and Google categories. This page displays 2 columns : Actinic categories on the left and Google categories on the right.

Important : items which are not categorized will not be accepted by Google. Also it is IMPORTANT to make the link between categories or Google will not index your items.

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Corresponds to Unmapped categories
Corresponds to Unmapped category
Represents Mapped categories.
Represents Mapped category
Indicates Partially mapped categories. It means that sub-categories associated to the mother category have been linked.

 How it works ?
1. Link an Actinic category to a Google category

You can map a category by doing a drag and drop action from the Actinic category to the concerned Google category.
For example, the mapping between the “Toys” category (Actinic) that we map to the “Toys” category (Google).

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2. Do a search

You can also search by inserting a keyword to quickly find the desired category.

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3. Batch processing

If you want to use multiple selection, Press and hold the CTRL-key and then click on the prefered categories.
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4. Delete a link

To remove a mapping, click right on the concerned category and then click on the “Delete link”.

 Requirements for Google Shopping Feeds

Certain conditions must be met in order to index your products on Google Shopping. The following product page fields must be filled-in for all products.
  • Prices must always be greater than zero.
  • Your product descriptions cannot be in WebBlocks.
  • Product condition (new, used…) must be filled in.
  • All products must have an image (main or thumbnail).
  • All products must be classified in categories and your categories must be mapped to Google's.
Google Shopping also requires that your product pages must have 2 of the following 3 attributes filled in.
  • Brand
  • EAN or barcode
  • MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
You can fill in these details from the [Commerce \ Items (Products-Services)] menu.


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