How to use DataPlug to link zoom images to products without using the Excel file?

This procedure is slightly unusual. You should not fill in the image fields in the Excel file nor map the image columns at export. Actually, the simplest thing to do is to delete all the image columns in the Excel file. The system will then offer to search for the images on your hard disk. The "Automatic Image Import" window opens in which you can designate the folder containing your images.

Click Image to Zoom

The following screen shot shows an example of a reference path as well as the option to classify the images according to product category or according to their containing folder.

Click Image to Zoom

DataPlug will link images to products if the images are named after a product code (SKU). The system will also use the image suffix (_1, _2, …, _10) to create Zoom images. So if an image is named "productSKU_1.jpg", the system will create a first zoom image. If an image is named "productSKU_2.jpg", the system will create a zoom image 2 and so on for 10 zoom images.

The suffix must begin with an underscore ("_"), no other character is possible.

Example for Item code CO001, the image name must be CO001.jpg
Example for the same Item of a zoom image file name with Item code and suffix: CO001_9.jpg.

The program will create 3 images (main, thumbnail and zoom) and will link them to the product. A dialogue window for naming image files opens. You can read the help topic on this subject here: How to automatically rename images?


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