Managing bounced newsletters

 What's a "bounce"?
When a newsletter has been sent, the SMTP server returns an error when an email address can't be accessed.

There are two kinds of bounces:
  • Hard bounces: returned as permanently undeliverable; the address is erroneous or inexistant.
  • Soft bounces: received by the recipient's mail server but was returned as temporarily undeliverable for various reasons (mail box is full, etc.).
Bounces are now automatically managed by the Actinic solution. The avantages, after a newsletter dispatch, are:
  • You will no longer receive "Permanent Delivery Failure" notifications for each undeliverable message sent.
  • You can have statistics and graphs on email delivery.
  • You can manage your bounces more easily.
 How does it work?
Open the [Marketing \ Newsletters \ Newsletters] menu.

The Statistics / No. of Messages Sent column presents a bar graph showing percentages for:
Read newsletters
Unread newsletters
Bounced newsletters

How are bounces managed?
  • Hard bounces: the address is automatically deactivated by the system.
  • Soft bounces: the system will only deactivate the address if three more delivery attempts are unsuccessful.
Once an address has been invalidated, it will no longer be used in subsequent newsletter dispatches. You can view invalid email addresses in the [Marketing \ Users] menu. These addresses are displayed in red. To list only invalid addresses, click , select "Email Rejected" in filter criteria and confirm.

You should of course contact these customers to verify their details and/or delete invalid contacts from your data base. It might be a good idea to narrow your filter and verify that these users have never ordered from you. If they have, better to maintain their account, leaving them the chance to update their details and keep their order history.

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