How to submit my sitemap file?


Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing find information about websites using software automats called "Spiders", "Crawlers" or "Robots" that scan ("crawl") the entire web.When one of these programs finds a site, it tries to follow all links to gather information about as many pages as it can. It then returns to visit the site at regular intervals looking for anything new.

Sitemaps is a new technology that lets you switch roles: to ensure an exhaustive site indexation, you directly furnish the search engines with information about the existence and location of your pages.

The sitemap file that Actinic will generate, is nothing but a different view of all site information. Tedious for a user because it's not organised for humans, this view has the advantage of containing all the dynamic pages of your site (every product file, every category page, etc.) for the search engines.

Sitemap use is completely free and it can considerably improve the quality of your site indexation.
Note however, that search engines do not guarantee that every page listed in the file will be visited, analysed or indexed. Sitemaps are nothing more than a means to ensure that search engines will find all the important pages in your site, and in no way assures a better ranking in search results. Using sitemaps will not, however, be detrimental to your indexation.
Today, the sitemaps protocol is supported by all the main search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
For more information about the sitemaps protocol, visit the site:

Submitting your sitemap to Google is done manually and in two steps. Before though, you have to generate your sitemap file.

Prerequisites: To have a valid domain name connected to your Actinic site.
See Can I buy a domain name for my site?

IMPORTANT : We recommend you define a master domain and associate a language with it from [Account \ Domain Names] then [Modify] button.
 Generate your sitemap file

Go to the [Marketing \ Sitemap SEO], [Add a Sitemap File] button .

Select the elements you want to submit to Google:

Click on then to go to the previous page.
You now need to wait about 10 minutes for the system to generate the sitemap file.

Copy the URL of the generated file as illustrated below:

 Set up your Google Webmaster Tools Account

- Open the following link: and create your account if you haven't already done so.
- Add your site by clicking Add a property, then inserting its URL.

Click on the image to enlarge

- Use the HTML tag method to verify that you are the site owner.

- Copy the meta tag that is given

- In your Actinic back office go to the [Site \ Properties by Language] menu and click on the button. .

- Paste the meta tag into the text zone called "Free text block inserted in the HTML header (<HEAD>)" under the "HTML Header" section. Confirm by clicking the button .

- Once you've completed this step, go back to your Google WebmasterTools account and click on the "Verify" button. Then, on the Dashboard, click the "Site Configuration" submenu "Sitemaps".

- Click on "Add/Test a Sitemap" then paste the URL to your sitemap file that you previously copied from your Actinic admin Console [Marketing \ Sitemap SEO] menu (cf. Generate your Sitemap File).

Your sitemap file is added and Google will index your site a few days later.
You can then use the site dashboard, in your Google WebmasterTools account, to analyse site traffic.

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