Rich Text Editor - How to wrap text around an image?

This function is available under the "Insertion" Tab. You can insert an image in your text block (and later modify the selected image in the same manner) by clicking on the icon.
You can chose the position of your image within the text block in the "Image" dialogue box that opens.

Example: image at left, texted wrapped to the right.


You'll notice that when settings are changed in this dialogue box, an example is shown at the bottom of the window.
By clicking on , the modifications can be previewed in the rich text editor before they are saved and truely applied. Changes will be definitively applied after clicking on .

The image can be resized using the settings "Width" and "Height". Remember, an image should not be resized larger than the original as it will appear "pixelised". To avoid distorting the image when resizing, only fill in one of the two dimensions, the other will be calculated automatically.

The "Spacing" settings let you set margins around the picture so that the wrapped text won't touch the edges of the image.

You can add a border around the image by clicking on the"Border Style" button.


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