How to create shopping cart discounts?

  What's a Shopping Cart Discount?

Shopping cart discounts apply to the total order amount. There are different types: limited to a period of time, accessed by a discount coupon code or from a minimum order amount. Shopping cart discounts are not concurrent.
If more than one is applicable at a given moment, it's the highest priority position (using the defined priority position) that is applied.
Here's how to create a shopping cart discount with, or without, discount coupon code.
 How Does it Work?

Open the [Commerce\Shopping Cart Discounts] menu and click on the button.

First, you'll be prompted to fill in the various details about your discount (its name, description…) .
The Position is the priority of the discount, it is good practice to organise your discounts by priority, the smaller the number the higher the priority. The One Time Use checkbox when ticked means that this discount can only be applied once per account.

Next you will have to define the Conditions of the discount. This can be a multitude of parameters like minimum order total, shopping cart content, user category restricted etc.

For this example, we will use a Discount Coupon code ‘SALES’ and Validity Period.

Note: The Discount Coupon can only be in capital letters, and can accept dashes(hyphens).

The discount coupon is useful if you want to offer a particular reduction to certain customers. If you don't define a coupon code, the discount will automatically be applied to all customers buying on your site.

  • Restrictions :

  • - Minimum Order Total (Exc Shipping):

    You can define a minimum order amount (Say £50) before the discount takes effect. This discount will take effect before VAT is added.

    Customers with shopping carts totalling under £ 50.00 won't receive the discount.

    - Shopping Cart Content :

    allows you to have a basket discount based on the items in the customer’s basket. For example, if a customer adds Boat to the basket, they will receive the benefits of the discount. This can be set up to three times with, and as you can imagine the parameters can become very complicated or simple.

    - User :
    restrictions can also be in place so only certain customers can use the discount. Restriction - User Category can be set so the discount only applies to a group of users. Restriction - User can be set so the discount only applies to one user. Restriction - User Price can be used if you use separate pricings for retail or wholesale customers, these apply for to certain price groups.

  • Benefits :

  • In this tab you can set the benefits of the discount, this can range from a % discount off the basket, fixed amount of the basket price, a free item and/or shipping being offered.

    Below is an image of the discount created, in action:


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