How to link a rewritten URL to a menu element?


URL rewriting is a method for redefining dynamic website page addresses (often called URLs) to make them more understandable for humans and convey indexable information to search engines.
In e-commerce websites, catalogue pages have complicated URLs, usually containing a question mark, ampersands, equals signs, names of variables and values.
They look something like this:
 How does it work?

Practical Application: We'll create a rewritten URL:

That points to a the Electronics category of your shop and is applied to the Electronics Horizontal menu element.

To create a rewritten URL and set its navigation behaviour, open the [Marketing \ URL Rewriting] menu and click the [Add] button. In the page that opens, define the rewritten name, (must end in .htm) and define the navigation behaviour that will be associated to this URL.

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Now, to apply the rewritten URL to a menu element, open the [Site \ Menus \ Horizontal Menu].

Click the menu element you wish to edit and select the navigation behaviour three dots.

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Then in the popup that appears, select URL Rewriting and then the link you have just created.

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Click OK and then [Save] the changes you have made.

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You will then be able to see the updated link on your site with the rewritten URL.

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