How to offer free shipping with a Discount Coupon ?

 Discount coupon activation

It is possible to offer free shipping by using a discount coupon.

Go to [Commerce \ Shopping Cart Discounts], [Add] Button.
Insert the relevant information for the discount (name, description…).
In our example, we will create a discount coupon valid from £50 buying.

From the “Conditions” Tab, you can insert which conditions will activate this discount. You can define a minimum amount order, a discount coupon or a valid period.

The “Benefits” Tab, allows you to define shipping costs for the discount. This section lists different shipping options created on your site. (menu [Commerce \ Shipping option]).

Once you have selected a shipping option click on the [Save] Button to save this discount.
 Front Office View

When the buyer enters a discount coupon, the shipping cost displays as an offer in the shopping card:

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The “free” mention displays on the shipping option page. The customer selects the option to finalise their order.

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 Free shipping presentation from the Front office view

You can edit the CSS code to display an image to introduce the free shipping (Expert CSS Mode).
You can change these CSS class : “shippingFree”, “shippingFreeInfo” et “shippingFreePrice”.

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