How to offer a free item for an order?

 Discounts offer creation

You can offer an item through a discount offer. This functionality allows you to display a free item and manage the item stock.

Go to [Commerce \ Shopping Cart Discounts], [Add] Button.
Insert the relevant information for the discount (name, description…).
In our example, we will offer an item from £100 buying.

From the “Conditions” Tab, you can insert which conditions will activate this discount. You can define a minimum amount order, a discount coupon or a valid period.

From the “Benefits” Tab, select an item in the “Free items” section.

By clicking on the [...] button, you can select an item in the window.

Once you have selected a free item click on the [Save] Button to save this discount.
 Front Office View

When the buyer enters a discount coupon, the free item displays as an offer in the shopping card:

Click Image to Zoom

The “free” mention displays on the in the price column. The item stock for the free product will be decreased.
 Coming Soon

Possibility to add a free item when items category are in the shopping cards.

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