How to create the blog canonical url?

The system will take the blog comment name and standardize it (no space, no accent, no special characters and no uppercase letter ).

Example: Name comment: Create your own website
Canonical URL:

There is a variable placed at the end of the URL (c1200x20477), this can’t be deleted or modified. This is essential for a smooth process.

When you add a comment to your site, the corresponding canonical URL is automatically generated. It will integrate the comment name with a specific syntax that is accepted by Google. The URL is optimised for better SEO before the comment creation. However, Actinic lets you choose to modify the canonical URL if you want to optimize it by adding more relevant keywords than the default one.

 Canonical URL modification

You can modify a blog comment canonical URL from the [Components \ Blog] Menu, “Edit properties” Tab, “SEO“ Tab:

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