How to activate the order SMS notification?

Prerequisites :
  • You must have valid payment properties, which are added from the menu [Account \ Payment properties].

This functionality allows you to send an orders state of progress, to your customers via SMS.
You will be able to expand customer loyalty and improve your customers satisfaction.

You can create a state of progress from the menu [Commerce \ Order tracking], [State of progress] button.

From here you can create a new state of progress or modify an existing element to add and activate the SMS notification.

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Any order number or tracking number tags will be automatically customised by retrieving the order details.

You can access the order SMS notification from the menu [Commerce \ Order tracking] >, icon.
From the “States of progress” section, select a state of progress that you want to use.

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By clicking on the [Save new state of progress], notifications will be automatically passed to the customer.

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The new state of progress then displays in the states of progress list.


You can order a SMS pack from the menu [Account \ A la carte service], “Prepayment” section.
If you do not have any sms credits, sending will be charged on the subscription.


Pack price Ex VAT

Price per SMS

250 SMS



500 SMS



1000 SMS



2000 SMS



5000 SMS



10000 SMS






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