How to display a "use of cookies" message?

This script allows you to display a message when the site is opened, telling the visitor that the site will save cookies on his computer. Saving cookies is necessary for navigation on the site by saving information such as the shopping cart.
The pop up will display for all visitors. The script creates a cookie named 'cookieinfo’ and will be stocked for one year. The cookie is created by clicking on the “Agree” button or on the information webblock which can be added into the pop up.


It’s very easy to add the script, you can do this by copying the following lines and pasting them into HTML Header () from the menu [Site \ Properties by language].

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 Script implementation

The script can be customized by adding the following code after the previous one :

  • Change the message
    The message can be customized but without adding special characters “ , and new line character into the text

  • Information webBlock ID
    If an ID is present inside the script, a link to the webblock displays into the information message. This will open a javascript PopUp. If you delete the ID in the script, the link automatically disappears.
    Exemple : cookieInfo.wb = "";

  • Link text to the Webblock
    The link text is customisable.
    Example : cookieInfo.wbMsg = "Privacy Policy";

  • Pop Up settings
    Pop Up height and width values are customisable depending on the displayed webblock. It’s possible to display a scroll bar by changing scrollbars=no to scrollbars=yes.

  • CSS Layout
    You can enter a link to a new CSS sheet into the script.
 Advised Script

If you did not create the webblock yet, we recommend adding the following script. This one is full. No links will be present in the message.


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