How to set up a Multi-price Management for users ?

If you want to set up Multi-price Management for users (different prices for different user groups e.g. Trade, Retail…) you can use this feature to set up to five pricing groups.


Assign Users into Categories in [Marketing > Users], "Edit Properties" Tab

For example, User 1=Retail, User 2=Trade

1 . Go to [Commerce > Items] Menu, then click on the "Component Properties" Tab and then [Modify] button.

2 . Change “Set up Multi-Price Management” to Yes.

3 . Where it says Price 1 associated with the category [None] click the three dots [...].

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4 . Click which user category you want that price grid to apply to, and click [OK].

5 . You can set each Price associated with the category for up to 5 user categories.

With this enabled you can now set individual prices per group on Items when you Edit Properties on them.

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