How to set up visibility states ?

On the Actinic platform, if you want to hide something from view of the public eye, but want to save the work you’ve done on something, you can change the Visibility . This feature can be used across the back office on many elements.


1. Locate the element you want to change the visibility of. This can any element from Items, Shipping options etc.

2. Edit Properties on the item and look for the Language and Visibility tab or the Visibility tab.

3. Here you can change the Element Visibility and Work Progress using the State option.
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4. Publish - This element is live/visible on your website.

5. Hide - this element is hidden from your website, but can be edited from the back office.

6. Remember to [Save] your changes

It is also possible to add comments on certain Publish/Hide states. There is a pre-made selection of states that you can choose from too.

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These will also appear on your dashboard for as a To-Do List convenience, with links to the elements.


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