How to refund an order with MangoPay ?

After a customer has ordered on your site, you are able to refund him totaly or partially from the Actinic order tracking backoffice.

Click on the menu : [Commerce \ Order tracking]

Then “View properties” icon and [Cancel] button.

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You will then need to finalise the cancellation by refunding the order. It is possible as well to revert the stock of ordered items.
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Then click on the “Cancel order number : N°XXXXXX“ to confirm the action.

The state of progress will display from the “Order history view”

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When the refund is validated it will display in green :
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And when it’s not accepted by the bank, it will display in red :

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You will receive an email from our technical support telling you the reason of the refusal.

 Refund an order invoiced

It is possible to refund an invoiced order from the order properties :

[Commerce \ Order tracking ] then “View properties” Icon > “Payment” Tab

You will be able to refund partially or totally the order by entering an amount:

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When validated, the state of progress will display :

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