How to customise the body notification ( expert mode) ?

 Introduction :

Communication with your customer is essential and allows you to win your customer loyalty. As with the header and the footer, the body can be customised using HTML. It allows you to change the text to make them closer to your vision. The design can be consistent with the one you defined from the menu : [Site \ Design]

Pre-requisite : his level of customisation requries HTML and CSS knowledge. In case of error, emails may be not delivered and/or unreadable.

The advanced mode is not allowed for default template. The advanced mode takes the changes done with the simple text and transforms it into a HTML and CSS code.
 Advantages :

This functionality allows you to have access to the send email HTML code. It is then possible to :
  • Customise the email structure (text and tags)
  • Customise the embed css (design)
 Inconvenience :

The delivery of the email is under your responsibility. The customisation will be under your responsability if the emails cannot be delivered. For example if you add an iframe into the mail, they won’t be undeliverable or will be stuck.Email body customisation asks for strong skills in HTML and CSS to create this.

 Avanced edition :

This customisation is available from the menu [Site \Email customisation] , “Edit properties” Tab (or from the Add button), “General” Tab, sub tab “Main” : “Advanced editing: Yes” .

The HTML code is visible from the sub tab “Additional”. In this case, the header and the footer are not accessible as they have to be created in with the customisation.


The usable tags are the following :

Tag name
#EMAIL# Customer E-mail
Customer Password
Site URL
Order number
Shopping Cart > Text component > [15] Field
Customer name
Billing address
Shipping address
Delivery address opening field *
Delivery address closing field *
Customer information page > Various- Special instructions - Shipping
Shipping option name
Shipping page > Complementary information for shipping
Payment method name
Payment method properties
Order details, do not delete
State of progress comment
Link to the order into the customer account
State of progress body message
Deffered payment link customised message
Link to the payment properties
Deffered payment link date expiration
Referral Scheme customised message
Available loyalty points
Customer account link login


The shopping cart summary is not editable. It’s a single tag (#CARTSUMMARY#). It produces a table of the order that cannot be edited.

  • If you are not comfortable with HTML and CSS, we recommend using a HTML editor as Dreamweaver. You will be able to change the code and see the changes in liveview.
  • We recommend to not change the order : (#ORDERID#) as it is an essentialone. Indeed, they are dynamically replaced by the corresponding values (order number for this example).)
  • To comprehend this customisation, we suggest starting by modify the text and the colour without changing the tab.
  • To have an overview without any external software, you can copy and paste the code into a webblock by using the “Add HTML code” function and then have a view of the email inside a webblock.

Note : If the message contains some tags as #NAMETAG#, and if they are then deleted, the system will display a warning message during saving.

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