User File - Customisable Field

The customisable field allows you to collect information related to your customer from fields that you can define.

Go to the menu [Marketing \ Users ], then click on the menu “Component - Properties” then [Modify] button.

Activate “Enable Custom Fields"option :

 Column description

  • Name : Allows to enter a name for the custom field that you want to add.
  • Type : The type of data for the field (text , numeric, date).
  • Enabled : Enables the field to be visible only in the back office.
  • Visible to User : Allows the display of the field during the checkout process.
  • Required : Tick if the field is mandatory, and must be filled in.

  • Click to zoom

    Then click “Save” to save the new field.
 Multilingue site customisation

For a multilingual site, if you activate the field, it will be visible for each language. You can customise it by clicking on the Edit Multilingual Titles and choose the language you want to edit.

You will then be able to modify the text for each language by clicking on [...]

If you don’t want to display the field for others languages, you can add a“space” in the concerned language field :

 "Front office" view

The custom fields we have created are now displaying on the order form.

 Back-office view “ User file”

Information entered into the field we have created, can be viewed in: [Marketing \ Users], and then view a user file.


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