How to activate your new mobile website?

 Activating the mobile site

Your mobile website has been improved to offer you a larger set of features to help you grow your business.
You can preview the new mobile version by clicking on [Preview the new Mobile Version ].
To activate go to [Site \ Mobile Site Version].

You can easily activate your new mobile version in one click by clicking [Activate the new Mobile Version]. Your custom pages and previously set up payment and delivery methods will automatically be transferred.
New HTML block have been added to allow you to set up your footer menu.

Click on the image to enlarge

IMPORTANT: The first step to do after activation, is to create and active a presentation from the vertical menu "Site designs".

Read our help file on how to create a mobile website design: Oxatis Mobile Store - Design.
 Questions - Answers

  • I have product pages using tabs, will they be visible in the mobile version?
    Yes. Note: If you have changed the tab titles with our design studio, please, contact support, so we can help you put these in place.
    Click here to contact support.

  • My mobile homepage does not contain images, how to improve the presentation of my categories?
    We suggest you click on the menu Commerce > Categories and edit the properties of your categories. Select an image to the block "Image representing the category".

  • How can I go back to the previous mobile version?
    You can go back to the former version by clicking HERE.
    Note: This version will be discontinued on the 1st of November which will automatically enable the new mobile version.

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