How to use the guest checkout ?


This feature allows the customer to order without creating an account. The order process will be quicker because the solution will no longer ask to use a password. The information that is needed for shipping and billing (Name, address, phone number...) are still mandatory. The customer will be able to keep track of his order from a link that will be sent to his email address.

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Go to the "Commerce \ Shopping Cart" \"Component-properties", and activate the feature, without forgetting to activate the order tracking link in the confirmation email.

 Order tracking

The merchant will still be able to access the customer's account from the back office via "Marketing \ Users". All the information will be still stored in Actinic's Database, even if the customer does not access them from the website.

The customer will only be able to follow his order by clicking on the order confirmation email. If he purchases on your website again with the same email address, his information will be empty and he will have to enter all his personal data again.

Email View

 Account creation

If the customer uses the "sign in" identification and enters a password, his account will be created, and he will be able to access the orders he has made before the account creation.

If he still does not want to create an account, he will still be able to use the same email multiple times in the "new customer" zone. In that case, the Back-Office data will be replaced by the new ones.

NB : This feature is also available for the "Catalog (Brochure)" . It will be activated only on the order process. The "Your account" and "Registration" components remain unaffected.

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