How to switch my website to full SSL? (httpS)

If you already have an SSL certificate on your website, the website will automatically redirect to https on the identification pages and the order process.
Switching to "Full SSL" means that your whole website will be automatically redirect from http URLs to the https ones. It will also update your sitemap and your tracking campaign URLs to https.

  • Having ordered the installation of an SSL certificate to your account manager.
  • Having checked the absence of http URLs on your pages in order to avoid "mixed content".
 Verification to avoid "mixed content"

You can check for "mixed content" by going to your site with https:

If there is a green padlock in the URL bar of a page, then there is no “mixed content” and this page doesn’t need to be edited. But if there is anything else displaying, this means that the page contains “mixed content” (both https and http links), and this could cause some issues on some browsers.

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The Chrome debug console allows you to view the items affected. (pressing the F12 key on the keyboard and selecting the item Console.)

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You will see a list of warnings, showing the error Mixed Content. You can then investigate your back office, in order to find where you reference this mixed content.

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After this verification, you can send us the following message via Technical Support.

Subject: Switching to full SSL


I understood the implication of switching my website to full SSL for the domain I also understood that Actinic can't be responsible in the event of a display issue on my pages.

You can switch my domain to full SSL.

Best regards,

After we receive your message, our teams will switch your domain to full SSL within the following 3 business days and will come back to you to keep you informed.

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