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Option Types are used to both create Options and to display them in the Front Office for your visitors:

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You are limited to three Option Types per Parent.

The main advantage of Option Types is that they can be reused to create numerous products that share the same characteristics.

 Creating Option Types

Option Types are created by the Option Creation Wizard when an Item is changed into a Parent (see help topic Creating Options).

Option Types can be thought of as the "characteristics" that define your different product variations. For example, the Option Types for a T-shirt might be: color, size and neckline.

Each Option Type is made up of several Values. In our previous example, this might be:
  • Color: black, white, red and blue
  • Size: S, M, L and XL
  • Neckline: V-neck
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The option creation wizard then combines the Values of your Option Types to generate the Options of a Parent. In our previous example, this would result in 32 combinations.

 Saving Option Types

In the option creation wizard, you can use a previously created Option Type or enter a name to create a new Option Type.

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If you create a new Option Type, it will be added to the drop-down list at the end of the creation process. This way, the system saves Option Types as they are created to allow you to reuse them when creating future Options for your Items.

 Adding Values to an Option Type

Adding additional Values to an Option Type is done when adding Options to a Parent that already exists (see help topic Editing Options). The new values are used to create the new Option combinations and are saved in the Option Type.

 Editing Option Types

Once created by the option creation wizard, Option Types can be modified via the [Commerce/Option Types] menu.

It is important to understand that an Option Type can be shared by several Parents. Each time an Option Type is created, it can then be used to create multiple Parents and Options. Keep in mind that:
  • When you modify the name of an Option Type, it will be updated in all of the options that were created using the Option Type.

  • When you update codes in an Option Type, the codes for any existing products and options created using the Option Type will not be modified. Several products in your catalog may share the same characteristics, however, their product codes will be entirely different.
To know which items are associated to an Option Type, click on the [View Associated Items] icon to the right of the Option Type.

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Click on the [Edit Properties] icon, to modify the Option Type.

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This will allow you to:
  • Define a System Name.

    The system name is not visible to your visitors and is used to manage your option types in the admin console. It can allow you to distinguish between several option types that may have the same public name, for example: Color (for XXX collection shirts) or Color (for YYY collection pants).

  • Edit and translate the Value names and the Public Name.

    This is how the system would display the public names with the names of the values displayed in a drop-down list:

    Option Types are translated when creating items in a multi-lingual site (see help topic How do I create items in several languages?).

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    The concept is to choose a reference language that allows you to know what the public name and value names are for your Option Type. You can then select the working language, which allows you to translate these names into the other languages supported by your site.

    Also note that you can modify the reference language when needed for possible changes or corrections.

  • Modify the position of the Option Type values. This position is used to change the order of the values in the drop-down list (see help topic Option Layout).

  • Modify the Codes associated to the values. Reminder: Existing Options will not be modified if these codes are updated.
 Deleting Option Types

Deleting an Option Type is only possible when it is no longer associated to any of the products in your site.

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