Technical Support Policy

 Unlimited Online Help
Actinic technical support is 100% online.

Online support does not consist of simple email exchanges. Rather, it is an organized filing system made up of real exchanges between you and the Actinic support technicians.
 Case 1: You are an Actinic customer or you possess an Actinic site
Go to your admin console and use the Help/Technical Support menu.
 Case 2: You are not yet an Actinic customer or you are not able to enter into your Actinic admin console
Go to and click on "Support \ Knowledge Base " in the main menu, then on the Technical Support link in the upper righthand corner of the page.
 Frequently Asked Questions

How does an exchange with technical support work?

A wizard will help you formulate your request, propose solutions (often giving you quick access to the information you need since 80% of questions are recurrent) and, if you still have not found what you're looking for, will allow you to ask a question that will be handled by our technicians.

You will receive a mail informing you that the response to your question is available in your site. It also includes a link allowing you to directly access the response and, if necessary, ask for more information concerning the same topic.

I feel more comfortable just sending an email. Is that possible?

No, that is not possible. The Actinic technical support team does not monitor a mailbox..

Why have an organized support system rather than just simply exchanging emails?

There are many reasons not to use personal emails for support purposes. Here are just a few:
  • 80% of the answers right away! By using the support interface, you have access to 80% of the answers without ever soliciting a technician. You benefit from access to our knowledge base which is constantly updated by Actinic technicians.

  • Emails are not 100% reliable. There are many reasons why your mail may not reach us. Even with the best technical support available, we would not be able to answer your questions and would end up disappointing you. By going through our online support, you can rest assured that no questions will be lost.

  • Mailboxes are flooded with SPAM. An email address, such as, receives thousands of unsolicited messages (SPAM) every day. Of course, we could use anti-spam techniques. However, the more devices we use, the more messages from our customers, especially those that have been poorly written, will be rejected with the SPAM, creating a vicious circle.

  • The quality of support is improved. Our technicians manage thousands of customers. Several hours or several days may pass between the time you read their response to your question and when you ask for a clarification. In that time, the technician has already responded to dozens of customers and it is even possible that another technician will respond to your second question. With a mail system, it is very difficult to keep track of the history of your relationship with technical support. With the online support system, each technician can access the totality of your previous exchanges in just a few seconds.


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