Payment Properties

Most of the time, the payment properties are used by the automatic billing system. Once you have used up the monthly subscription credit to which you are entitled for one or several services, Actinic uses this information to collect the monthly payments corresponding to the different services you have subscribed to.
 Other Points to Note
These properties can also be used at the time of an isolated purchase of Actinic services that aren't billed on a monthly basis (domain name registration, for example). As a general rule, centralizing the management of these payment properties has the advantage of limiting the repetitive back and forth exchange of your banking information on the Internet and allows for the acceleration and standardization of Actinic transactions.
 Security and Confidentiality
The collection of your payment information is performed in a secure HTTPS environment that guarantees the complete confidentiality of your data. Of course, you can delete your information from our files at any time by using the [Delete] button provided for this purpose.

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