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The company profile allows you to define the physical (not virtual) information that you wish to display on your site. You can access it by the [Site \ Company Profile] menu

If you sell products online, it is advisable and legally mandatory (the Companies Act 2006) to provide your accurate business address and phone number. It would be a shame to lose a customer who is interested in your products but wishes to contact you before making a purchase.

Any administrative addresses that you enter into our system (account owner properties, payment properties, etc.) will never be displayed to your visitors.

If defined, this business address will be the one that is used to display an access map and allow for the calculation of the best itinerary for your users.

You can also add the following information: :

- Description:
Here you can give whatever information you deem necessary to complet your profile, like for example, your company registration number, place of registration and registered office address. Try to limit this to six lines of text.

- Categories:
List the categories that best apply to your company. For example: embroidery, marriage photography, pizzeria, etc.

- Payment Methods

- Opening Hours:
If you have a physical store or offices where you receive customers, you can put your opening hours here.

- Additional information:
Here you can present any other useful information you want your visitors or customers to know. Put the name and value, for example: "Car Park: Yes".

- Your list of photos:
Here you can select several photos to illustrate your company or show your physical store. You can put up to six pictures.

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