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Almost all of the Actinic services call for the use of components. What is a component?

The easiest way to present information is by filing it into a database. This is absolutely true, but the act of classifying your information into a single, simple database is not sufficient. Let's take your product database and your questions/answers database as examples. Of course, you can categorize the products (for example, you could classify wines by region) and the questions/answers (classifying them by type). But the similarities stop there. To present this data and to make it interactive on the Web, you must allow your visitors to intelligently interact with this information.

For example, the Shopping Cart (Shop) component not only allows you to present your product database (your wine separated into regional categories), but also authorizes your visitors to buy these products, calculate shipping fees, validate their credit card, and track their order!

Your questions/answers component not only allows your visitors to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions, but also allows them to ask a specific question. In this instance, the component will react by sending you an email containing the question and proposing that you either respond directly by email or, if the question is general enough and will interest all of your visitors, by adding the answer to the questions/answers database.

You can surely agree that proposing to "sell" questions/answers would be just about as pointless as an option proposing to sell products by email! It just doesn't make any sense. The database is therefore essential, but the components are what make it easy to use by associating the appropriate functions. Actinic offers you about 15 components that are associated with the appropriate data.


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