Site Header

The site header allows you to permanently display a panel at the top of your site containing either a text, an image, or both.

When using an image, choose one that is relatively small and can be handsomely inserted into the panel.

Because the panel has a fixed size, if you use an image that is too tall, it will be truncated and you will only see the top part of the image, resulting in an undesirable effect. In this case, use the image resizing function to fit the image to the panel.

The text must also be short...just a few words.

The font that is used is very important. Do not use a long text.

If you want to use a long text, for example a "tagline" (or what is sometimes called a slogan or a baseline), use instead the "copyright" text zone that can be found in the " Site | Properties " menu. This is the text that is displayed at the bottom of your site and uses a small font.

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