When a component automatically collects information about your users, we have seen that it is rare to get more than an email address.

For the sake of preserving a certain amount of confidentiality and often because they don't want to take the time to fill out a long form, visitors tend not to indicate their first name, last name or address. On the other hand, they are willing to select the way that they heard about you or another similar detail from a list (minimal effort), which will allow you to better qualify these visitors without them really having to expose themselves.

You have the possibility of completing the list of replies to the micro-survey, such as "Press, Relative, Search Engine, Other, etc.".

This information, which we call 'source', can be used as a filter for selecting the users that will receive your newsletters.

Also note that when you manually add a user to your database, you have the possibility of indicating the way that the user heard about you.

Make sure you leave an open possibility, such as "other", so that the user is not forced to give a false answer.

It's better that a user who heard about you from a search engine replies "Other" rather than forcing them to answer randomly if they don't feel like replying.

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