The layout tab, which is available in all of the components, allows you to vary the way in which the elements of a component are displayed.

To simplify, let's say the page that displays the elements is divided into rows and columns. A cell is located at each row/column intersection. By varying the number of columns simultaneously displayed on a page (2 columns, for example) and the number of elements displayed per page (one, two, three...all!), you will obtain different results. There are no rules defining the "best" configuration. What will be "best" for you depends on what you are going to display. For example, if you have 200 products divided into 20 categories, it would be logical to try to show about 10 products per page (offering the possibility to then display the details of a specific product). This way, when a visitor comes to your catalog, they will immediately see ten of your products. This numbering effect will automatically encourage users to go to the next page or select a specific category from the list of choices. On the other hand, if your activity is centered around 3 products, it may be preferable to only display one product per page, but with all of the details immediately visible, and not to use categories.
 Use common sense!
Never forget the most important rule: Always put yourself in the place of a new visitor. You only have a few seconds to get them interested enough to stay on your site. They must feel at ease and be able to find information rapidly. Use everyday life as an example. A store never displays all of its products in the window at once, but selects just a few. If it is a very specialized store, you will never find sections specifically dedicated to each category of items that are for sale. On the other hand, if the store is non-specialized and offers a variety of products, you would see these sections, regrouping similar products, immediately.
 Base your choice on the needs of each component.
You can change the layout of your component at any time. You have a layout choice adapted to each component that affects the way the elements in the component will be displayed (products, hot news, faqs, bios, events...)
 Choose a layout adapted to your data.
When you set categories up in a component, you can also choose the layout of the category display page. Be consistent! If you have not taken the time to define an image for each category, do not use a layout that is centered on the display of images!

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