Site Logo

The space reserved for the site logo is a small rectangle that is permanently displayed above your site's vertical menu, no matter what page is displayed.

You can display either a text or an image, but not both at the same time. If you define an image, it will be used and the text will be ignored.

No sophisticated layouts are available for the site logo. If you have entered an image, it will use be used. If you want to display a text (such as the name of your company), do not define an image.
 Use a small image
Warning: If you choose an image that is too wide, the entire left-hand side of your site containing your menu options is going to stretch to accommodate the width imposed by the width of the image. By doing this, you risk displaying a site with unbalanced proportions. The same goes for the height. If the image is too tall, the space reserved for the horizontal menu to the right of your logo will increase in size to accommodate the height of the image, equally resulting in unbalanced proportions. To avoid these design problems, use small images!

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