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The image gallery is designed to store the images that will be displayed on your site (in your item files, in the components, etc.). This gallery only supports JPG, GIF and PNG extensions (which means you won't be able to store ZIP files, for example).

Supported formats: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
Maximum file size: 2 MB

The access path to a file is generally in the following format:


Where XXXXX is your Actinic account number and YY is a two-number code randomly generated by the Actinic system. However, it is possible to define a specific path (not random) for imported images via batch processing. More information about this subject is available in the following help topics:
Images, Batch Updating
How do I find the URL address of the images in my site?

The "Img. Preview" column displays the images in reduced windows, which is likely to deform them. We do this so they don't take up a large amount of space on your working screen. To view an image in its real size, click on it to display it in an independent window.
 Add and Image From Your Hard Drive

You can add images to the gallery:
  • From the image gallery ([Galleries\Images] menu) by clicking on [Add].
  • From any administration zone allowing you to insert an image. Click on the [...] browse button and then on [Add an image from your hard drive] in the pop-up window that is displayed.
Independent from the previously selected method, a new page will be displayed asking you to define several parameters:
  • Image: Is the Actinic name of the file. This name will only be used in your admin console. Choose a name that will allow you to easily identify your image in the gallery. This name will then be displayed in the "Name" column of the image gallery table (not to be confused with the file name, described below).

  • Category: This parameter is optional. It allows you to classify the image into a specific category in order to find it more easily. These categories must be created beforehand in the "Category Editing" tab in the image gallery, where you are able to build a 5-level hierarchy for your categories.

  • File Name: Is the field that allows you to select the image from your computer. Click on the [Browse] button and select an image from one of the directories on your hard drive.

    If Web-compatible (see File Names section below), this name is used to store your file on our server. It will be displayed in the "File" column of the image gallery table.

  • Dimension: Allows you to resize your image at the time of upload.

    The system offers two standardized formats allowing you to standardize the dimensions of your images. By default, these dimensions are defined at 300x300 pixels for the "Main" image and 100x100 pixels for the "Thumbnail" image. These dimensions can be modified in the "Component Properties" tab, "General" sub-tab, "Dimensions" section.

    The system displays the previously used dimensions as a link. by clicking on this link, you will have access to 4 options:
    • Main
    • Thumbnail
    • Main and Thumbnail (which creates the image in both formats simultaneously)
    • Original (The image dimensions are not modified)
Attention: The dimension functionality is not compatible with PNG, Transparent GIF or animated GIF images.
 File Names

It is interesting to know that search engines index the file names of your images. You can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) by intelligently renaming the image files on your hard drive using optimized keywords.

Example: image0010.jpg could be renamed as tshirt-mens.jpg

It is preferable to rename your files, on your computer, in Web-compatible format: no spaces, no apostrophes, no special characters in the names of your images. Otherwise, the system will modify your images to make them Web-compatible.

The only characters that can be used for the Internet are uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z , numbers from 0 to 9, dashes " - " and underscores " _ ".
 Actinic Image Collection

Actinic also provides an image collection of images that you can add to your gallery.

To load an image from our collection, click on the [Our Collection] button. Images will be displayed. Refine your search by selecting an image category (Buildings, Education, Outer Space, etc.) and the type of image (Photograph, Animated Image, etc.) you're looking for. This will reduce the number of images you have to sift through.

Click on the [Import] button below the image you have selected, then choose the name you would like this image to have in your gallery.
 Add Images in Batches

The Actinic solution allows you to import images in large batches.

The procedure is explained in detail in the following help topic: Images, Batch Updating


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