Sales Rep File

The sales rep file allows you to define the sales rep code (which is used by business management software to classify orders and formulate statistics), their last name, first name, email and password.

Warning: As with the user file, the Email/Password combination is what gives your sales reps access to restricted parts of the delayed order entry system.

Also note that sales reps are not considered to be users. The sales rep file strictly allows access to the Delayed Order Entry component. If your sales reps, like your other users, need access to other restricted parts of your Internet site, you have to redefine them in a suitable category of the user file.

After you have entered your different sales reps, go to the user file to assign certain customers to their respective sales reps. To do this, select the user and edit their file ("Edit properties" icon). Link the appropriate sales rep to the customer using the drop-down list in the "Additional" subtab.

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