Delayed Order Entry

This functionality allows an itinerant sales force to enter the orders that they have recorded throughout the day for their customers.

The sales rep file allows for the identification of the sales rep and for the association of each sales rep to their customers.

Combined with the use of multi-prices and discount grids, it's possible to specifically apply the pricing policy defined for each customer.

The sales rep enters into an Intranet part of the company's Internet site, which can be easily set up using the "Delayed Order Entry" component that can be added in any of the menus.

Once identified, the itinerant sales rep will see a list where they will select one of their credit customers and can then use the catalog/shopping cart system to select the customer's products and prepare the order. Of course, the price defined for the customer is automatically selected.

The delayed order entry system can be used from any PC that is connected to the Internet. The sales rep working at home will use their PC via their telephone line; the itinerant sales rep will use their laptop via a portable connection (3G) or will go to an Internet Café or even use an Internet terminal. The entry can also be performed at the customer's place of residence from a PC made available to the sales rep.

To set up the delayed order entry system, begin by defining your sales reps and by associating the related customers (users) to these sales reps.

Next, add a navigation menu and choose "Display one of the site components"/"Delayed order entry" as the navigation behavior. Of course, you may opt to do this in a WebBlock rather than in a menu. For example, you could create a WebBlock entitled "Intranet", which explains to visitors that this part of your site is reserved for your company's personnel and that will redirect your colleagues.

The use of the system then becomes pretty mundane. The sales rep signs in with their email and password. They are presented with a list of their customers, as well as search tools to find customers more easily. By selecting one of their customers, they can then place an order on the customer's account. The system will automatically detect the price and discounts that apply to this customer.

It's pretty logical that this customer is "on credit". However, placing an order with a payment method of 'cash on delivery' or 'by check' is absolutely possible. Only purchases by credit card are not possible because you can, in no case, communicate the payment information of your customers to your sales rep.

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