General Site Properties

The General Properties settings affect the global behaviour of your site. Access this page by clicking on [Site \ General Properties].
Here you can open your site to the public, define which language(s) your site is published in, as well as the currency used for your product's prices. From this page you can also activate the mobile version of your site and add access to the JQuery programming library.

 Alternative Email Address
If desired, the alternative email address can replace the email address of your site ( If defined, you will receive the emails sent by our service at this address. In this case, your order confirmations, customer comments or questions, as well as the newsletter reserved for Actinic subscribers will be sent to your alternative address. You can change this address at any time.
 Language Management
This section lets you define the display language of the site when a visitor opens it. You can also select the supported languages for a multilingual site.

 Main Currency and Secondary Currency
You can only have one currency for your products and it can't change from one product to another. However you can display an alternative currency with a fixed exchange rate. For example Pound Sterling / Euro. You just need to define both currencies format and the exchange rate..

 Mobile Version and Advanced Properties
- Mobile Version
This new functionality, included in your subscription for no extra charge, optimises your Actinic site display for mobile devises (Smartphones and tablets). Customers will be able to comfortably view your site and securely order from your online shop with their mobile.

More Information: Actinic Mobile Store

- Advanced Properties
This option lets you activate the JQuery programming framework on your site. As this code library is reserved for users with programming skills, if in doubt, don't change this option.


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