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  The ActinicTerms of Use set clear limits as to what type of content is accepted or not, in particular regarding child proptection.
Your content may be within the strict letter of our Terms of Use yet still require a protection for children, particularly when what is said, the ideas or images you present, contain scenes, terms or content inappropriate for children.

Actinic strives towards the double goal of protecting freedom of expression on the internet and protecting children from potentally harmful content. Our policy is this: once your site is suspected of being detrimental to children or conveying opinions which the public might find objectionable, you must respect the following conditions to be able to use our services:

First of all, protect children and sensitive persons from accessing your site.
  • Subscribe to a voluntary content labeling system (SafeSurf, RTA Label, etc.) that works with parental control filters and place a warning announcement on your start page.
Secondly, dissociate Actinic and our partners from the images, ideas or opinions you promote.
  • Buy and use a domain name ( and never use or link to You can do this throught the [Account\Domain Name] menu.
  • As a general rule, never mention Actinic or our partners in your site, advertising or public communications.
Finally: make your content compatible with our Terms of Use, as even the best preventive labeling doesn't exempt you from complying with the limits we impose on our users, in particular:
  • Mask gential parts in photos.
  • Refrain from publishing any image which could be considered pornographic.
This policy is in no way negative regarding what you are saying or your opinions, it's meant to ensure everyone's protection and freedom.

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