Using HTML Tags

 Essential or merely practical?
To create your Actinic site, you have absolutely no need to dive into the syntactic barbarism of HTML, the language of the Web.

This being said, there are a few HTML tags that are extremely simple to use and that can rapidly improve the look of your site.

Let's take an example. On your simple home page, you have three text blocks. If you want to set one of your sentences to bold, you don't need to create a WebBlock. All you have to do is use the <B> tag to indicate the beginning of the sentence that you want to set to bold, and the </B> tag to indicate where you want the bold text to end.

If you wish to set the words wish and to set to bold in this sentence, write:

If you <B>wish to set</B> the words… when viewing your site, you will see: If you wish to set the words...

 Several tags that you can use without difficulty
Set the text to bold, <B> tag:
"Bold" Tag
<B>my text in bold</B> ...... displays my text in bold

Set the text to italic, <I> tag:
"Italic" Tag
<I>my text in italic</I> ...... displays my text in italic

Underline the text, <U> tag:
"Underline" Tag
<U>my underlined text</U> ...... displays my underlined text

Combine bold, italic and underlining:
<B><I><U>my text in bold, italic and underlined</U></I></B> ...... displays my text in bold, italic and underlined

Force a line break:
" Break " Tag
<BR> forced line break
Note that you can use several break tags in a row to force several empty lines

Choose the font, <FONT> tag:
"Font" Tag

Define the font size (SIZE)
<font SIZE="6">size 6 text</font> ...... displays size 6 text
Forces the size of the text to 6. In general, the values go from 1 to 6.

<font SIZE="+2">text</font> ...... displays text
Forces the size of the text to two units larger than the present value. This syntax is very useful because it adapts the text according to the size preselected by the system.

Define the font color (COLOR)
<font COLOR="RED">text</font> ...... displays text
Forces the font color to red

Define the font face (FACE)
<font FACE="Times New Roman">text in Times New Roman</font> ...... displays text in Times New Roman
Forces the font face to "Times New Roman"

Create bullet lists:
<UL> and <LI> tags: ("Unordered List" and "List Item")
You can also create bullet lists.
Begin with <UL> to start the list, then follow with <LI>value 1</LI><LI>value 2</LI> for the lines that are to be preceded by a bullet, then a </UL> to end the list. This will result in:
For example <ul><li>value 1</li><li>value 2</li></ul> will display as
  • value 1
  • value 2
Important reminder: You have absolutely no need to use this type of complex syntax to create an attractive site. If you wish to use these tags, take great care in strictly respecting the syntax. Simply omitting an apostrophe or a ' / ' sign will result in the complete dismissal of the syntax by the browser.

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