Translatable Fixed Texts

The fixed texts used by each component are independent of the displayed content.

A fixed text can be the text from the "Add to Cart" button, the text from the "Special Instructions" input label, etc...

These fixed texts have default values that have been adapted to the standard use of each component. In certain cases, you may wish to change these values and replace the word "Details" with "More Information" or the words "Add to Cart" with "Buy"', etc.
Most of the components use less than ten fixed texts. However, a few of the components that are largely visitor interactive use twenty, thirty, or even forty fixed texts.

The fixed texts are classified into different categories, allowing you to locate them more easily "out of context". It is always hard to know if the text "Address" corresponds to the title of the data group containing the address (address, city, postal code), or if it is referring to the input label of the address data entry zone in this group!

For this reason, a filter allows you to display all the fixed texts or to display only the component title, the selection button texts, operating instructions, input labels or information messages.

To modify a fixed text, click on the "..." button and enter a replacement text.

If you have mistakenly changed a text and you want to go back to the default text, leave the zone blank and save the modification.
The fixed texts are proposed in six languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch. This way, your users will see these fixed texts in the appropriate language.

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