WebBlock Gallery

The WebBlock Gallery allows you to organise the WebBlocks that are used in your site.
 Create a WebBlock
To add a new WebBlock, click on the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu, then on the [Add] button. You can then:
  • Start from a blank WebBlock
  • Run the Web Form wizard
  • Choose one of the proposed models.
For more information, see these online help topics:
 Classifying WebBlocks
You can classify WebBlocks in categories making it easier to find them later on. Categories must be previously created under the "Category Editing" tab in the WebBlocks Gallery. You can define a tree structure with up to 5 levels.
 Moving a WebBlock
Duplicate the WebBlock
If you want to copy and paste the entire contents of a WebBlock in order to create a slightly different version, you can duplicate the WebBlock.
How do I duplicate a WebBlock?

Export the WebBlock
If you want to export the entire contents of a WebBlock in order to create the same WebBlock in a second Actinic site, you can use the WebBlock export function.
How do I export a WebBlock?

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