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Actinic offers are organized into services.

Your website is made up of a set of services that you pay for each month by credit card. For example, the "Commerce Pro" service includes the Shopping Cart component, secured payment, and all of the details allowing you to complete your site with e-commerce functionalities. The "Commerce Expert" service allows you to manage multiple prices, special offers and many other advanced e-commerce functionalities.

Each service has a monthly rate that is billed and debited every month on the day of the anniversary date that the site was created on, according to the services that you use. If you decide that the "Commerce Expert" functions will only be of use to you in a few months after the activity on your site has increased, you have the possibility of immediately unsubscribing from this service. And you can always change your mind the following month!

The only service that you can't really cancel if you want to keep your site is the Actinic base service: "Web Premium". Indeed, if you remove this service, your site will be closed to the public and you can no longer receive visits. After all, you may decide that you just wanted "to see what it was all about", and you concluded that, even though it was a simple but high-quality service, you weren't ready to devote the time that would be necessary for your project right now. This is your right. In this case, we will deactivate your site with the knowledge that you may possibly change your mind in the coming months. Your data will be stored for 12 months (enough time to realize that a presence on the Web is well worth a few Pounds and a bit of effort). All you have to do is reactivate your credit card and your data will still be available!

 Billing of Primary Services
The billing process is completely automated. This allows for a very significant reduction in costs thanks to the mechanical treatment of all of the subscription, billing, accounting, collection, bank reconciliation, etc. steps. This also allows us to offer you a system that is extremely flexible in regards to subscription and unsubscription. Because the subscription and unsubscription process is unrestricted and fully trusted to your care, there are no administration costs, which means that you are only paying for the service that you use, and not for the people in charge of making sure that you subscribe or unsubscribe under complex conditions defined in an illegible contract.

The services, apart from several rare exceptions, are billed every month, hence the notion of monthly credits for each service. When you buy a package (whether it's an actual product in a box or an Internet offer proposed by one of our partners), it contains a certain number of monthly credits for a certain number of services.

When you create your site on the Actinic servers, you will immediately be credited with 3 units of monthly credit for the "Web Premium" service. At the same time, you will be debited for the first unit of monthly credit because the use of our services is paid in advance every month. You will then be left with 2 units. The next month, on the day of the anniversary of your site's creation, the system will analyze all of the services to which you have subscribed.

If nothing has changed (i.e. you have not subscribed to new services), the system will subtract one unit from your monthly credit for the hosting service. Being that you still have monthly credits, the system will not request a payment method in order to collect your monthly subscription fees, but will use one unit of monthly credit. After this operation, you will be left with 1 monthly credit.

The same operation will take place at the beginning of the third month.

In the middle of the third month, in anticipation of the billing of services for the fourth month, the system will verify that you have entered valid payment properties to guarantee the continuity and availability of your site. If you haven't entered these properties, an email will be sent to you, and then a second one a few days later. If no action is taken on your side, the system will temporarily close your site. Of course, you will have the possibility of reopening the site at any time by providing a payment method.

Important Note: We do not bill you for the periods where we have closed your site. For example, if you created your site on 12 January 2008, and on your anniversary the 12th of April you haven't paid for your subscription, the site will be closed to the public. If you provide your payment card on 2 May 2008, then your new subscription anniversary date will be the 2nd of every month and the first payment will cover the period from 2 May 2008 to 1 June 2008.

Important Note: We only close your site to the public when you have not, at a minimum, paid for the base "Web Premium" service. For example, if you still have monthly credits for this service, but you haven't paid for the "Commerce PRO" option that you are subscribed to, only the "Commerce PRO" option will be unavailable on your site for the period where we aren't able to credit your account and your site will remain open to the public.
 Subscribing to an Additional Service
Let's go back to the previous example where you bought a package on 12 January 2008 from one of our partners (business management software, for example) containing 3 prepaid months of the "Web Premium" service. Now let's suppose that on the 25th, after having opened your site to the public, you decided to subscribe to the "Commerce PRO" option. On 25 January 2008, you still have 2 monthly credits for the "Web Premium" service, but no credits for any other type of service.

To add the shopping cart functions, you sign up for the "Commerce PRO" subscription option. This can only be done after you have provided valid payment properties in the secure environment of the administration site ([Account\Payment Properties] menu). On 25 January 2008, you will be debited £15 (that is to say one month of the "Commerce PRO" service). In fact, you will actually be credited for one unit of monthly credit. The "Commerce PRO" service will be available on your site beginning 25 January 2008. On 12 February 2008, the system will remove one of the two remaining monthly credits for the "Web Premium" service and will remove the unit that was paid on 25 January 2008 for the "Commerce PRO" service. On 12 March 2008, having no more monthly credits for "Commerce PRO", the system is going to bill you the £15 corresponding to the use of this service for the following month. On 12 April 2008, you will have used up all of your credits for all of the services. Therefore, you will be debited £20 + £15, or £35. And so on and so forth.
 Unsubscribing from an Additional Service
Some time has passed and you have automatically settled your payments on 12 May and 12 June for the sum of £35. On 20 June, you decide that selling online wasn't a good idea and you want to unsubscribe from this service. On the other hand, you want to keep your site. Then, you are going to use the unsubscription button, available in the service subscription management page of your administration site. You are now unsubscribed from the "Commerce PRO" service. However, this service is available until 11 July because on 12 June you paid for a month in advance. On 12 July, the system will only debit £20 (Web Premium service) to your payment method.

Warning: Make sure that you delete all of the links directing to your site's shopping cart (a Commerce PRO function). If you fail to do so, visitors trying to access this function will see a page explaining temporary unavailability and you will automatically receive a notification email.
 Complete Unsubscriptions
Of course, if on 15 July you decide to unsubscribe from the only service that remains, that is to say "Web Premium", then on 12 August you will not be asked for any information concerning a possible payment or the need to enter a payment method. This is the proper method for unsubscribing. In this case, remember to delete all of the information concerning your payment method using the delete button in the [Account\Payment Properties] menu.

The incorrect method for unsubscribing would be to simply remove the information concerning the payment method. In this case, the system is not aware of the fact that you want to unsubscribe and will send you a series of reminder emails before closing your site to the public.
 Pre-Payments are Non-Refundable
At Actinic, we don't ask for any type of commitment period when you create and use your site. You pay month after month and can stop whenever you want. In regular subscription periods, you always have zero monthly credits for all of your services and are then billed every month.

On the other hand, if you have decided to benefit from a special offer or, for some other reason, to pay for several months of certain services in advance, you can't be reimbursed for the months paid in advance. If you unsubscribe, the unsubscription will take effect after all of these monthly credits have been used up.

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