Simple Home Page

The simple home page allows you to create the main page of your site in just a few minutes.

Once familiar with the system, you can also use a WebBlock to define your home page or even use any other component for this purpose.
 Set-Up and Implementation
To complete the necessary information in the creation of the home page, you must enter a slogan (what you do, why you're special, what makes you different from others, etc.).

Be concise when defining this slogan because it will be displayed in a rather large font.

You can then enter from one to three text blocks. Each block can contain up to 4096 characters. Feel free to use line feeds to space out your text.

Finally, select your main image.

Choose an image that is reasonable in size (it should not take up 90% of the space), and be concise when writing your text.

If you have hundreds of words to enter, ask yourself if it wouldn't be better to divide the text into several pages (using WebBlocks) in order to facilitate the reading of your site for your visitors.

Don't forget this basic marketing rule: Never more than three "messages" per page! (This is why we have provided 3 text blocks!)

Use short sentences to make people want to read the information that you've provided. The home page is the first page that will be viewed and will be the first impression you give to your visitors.

Choose one of the available layouts. If you insist on using a more complex layout, don't try to do so with this component.

The simple home page is not designed to display three images and twelve text paragraphs. If you want a more complex design, use a WebBlock!

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