Customer Reviews - Moderation

Once a review has been sent regarding your site, you will receive a notification email to inform you.

Warning : you have 72 hours to send a moderation request before the review is published automatically.

You can access the list of reviews by going to [Marketing / Customer reviews].

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You can publish the review by clicking on the icon

If the review warrants a response but can still be published in its current state, you can send your reply in the designated area by clicking on the [Publish review] button.

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If the review does not respect the behaviour policy, you can request its moderation via the [Request moderation] button. NOur teams will look after the moderation.

Customers can exercise their right to withdraw the review they have written via the My Account > Order tracking component. The icon will allow them to access the reviews linked to their order.

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By clicking on the icon, customers can delete their review.

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 Moderation policy :

We will publish all reviews that respect the behavior policy (whether positive or negative) but you will have the right to respond. These responses will also be published. Only the last 2 messages will be published on your site(not the full conversation thread).

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If a review does not respect the policy, we will send a message to the customer requesting that they edit their comment if they want it to be published.

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We'll send a message to the customer requesting that they edit their review in order for it to be published. While awaiting its modification, the logo is visible in the list of reviews.

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If the customers edited review still does'nt respect the behaviour policy, it will be completely banished and will remain unpublished.

Please note : The merchant's right to reply can be excercised for site reviews but not for item reviews.

 Testing process

If you want to test, we advise setting the shipping offset to 0. The time between the validation of the order and the sending of the email is around 7 minutes. In the case of an order using a deferred payment method (cheque or bank transfer), the order must be validated manually for the email to be sent.

Further information regarding customer reviews :
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 Moderation charges

The customer review feature is included in our new performance subscriptions. Your moderation allowance is 10% of all customer reviews and you will be charged for anything above that percentage. You can view the details of each offer in the new interface by going to [Account \ Subscription and billing].

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